Managed interactive projects across multiple digital platforms more than ten years for interactive agencies and start-up projects. Expertise in design and tech solutions from conception to production.
 Rare combination of expertise such as copywriting, graphic design and coding. Deep knowledge of internet communication technologies, such as HTML, Javascript, Jquery, CSS, Django, and Python.

Effective coworker of creative, development, and cross functional teams. Proven expertise on social platforms. Ten years experience consist of marketing and development of digital communications across multiple channels and platforms. Proven track record of lead a multi-disciplinary team to a desired result, under tight deadlines.

Last five years, as an Interactive producer, working with colleagues and business partners across the globe. Last ten years, produced, designed or developed more than hundred interactive projects for the most valuable Local and Global brands. Won several awards in local and global aspects.

Good team player, a creative thinker, and an ambitious self learner. Analytical contributor who approaches each and every task with concerted dedication and meticulous attention to detail.


BA-Visual Communication Design - Istanbul Bilgi University
(Full Scholarship)

Computer Science - MIT

Interactive and Non-Linear Narrative - MIT

Machine Learning - Stanford University

Gamification - University of Pennsylvania



Creative Direction

Project Management

Team Management

Team Building


UX / UI Design

Digital Marketing

Content Development

Social Media Management

Transmedia Story Telling

Game Design







Javascript / Jquery





Amazon AWS

Facebook API

Twitter API

Instagram API

GoogleMaps API

YouTube API



November 2018

Memap is smart fitness system that gives you personalized Fitskor. Guides you to improve your physical performans but also prevents you. With Memap platform you can find your Trainer, Fitness center and many more.

Interactive Producer
FullStack Developer


October 2014

Sosyologger is a social media sharing platform. Its collecting and analyzing data from users and offering them relevant commercial content to share. When users share this content, they automatically wins some prizes. It can be called one of the earliest examples of big data company in Turkey.

Interactive Producer
Developer { Python - Data Mining Services / Django }


June 2016

Clesdistanbul was established in 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. Its a web site for French expats in Istanbul. Web site content provided by community members for sharing their experience about local places in Istanbul.

Interactive Producer
Developer { Django, JS, Ajax}

Tether Club

October 2015

Tether Club was established in 2015 in Syracuse, NY. The company was created to help students find the right housing and provide a healthy networking exchange among student housing community participants and students. Tether Club was created for students by students.

Interactive Producer
Full Stack Developer {Django, Html, Css, JS}


December 2016

Redesign and development of Turkish New Holland agricultural machines and equipments website.

Interactive Producer


December 2016

Redesign and development of Turkish Case IH Agricultural agricultural machines and equipments website.

Interactive Producer

New Holland Construction

October 2015

New Holland Construction is a key player in the global construction equipment industry born of the rich heritage of brands that made the history of this sector. With a network of branches, manufacturing plants and R&D centre that spans the world.
This project is development of Turkish web site acoording to local needs and expectations.

Interactive Producer

Case Construction

October 2015

CASE sells and supports a full line of construction equipment around the world.
This project is development of Turkish web site acoording to local needs and expectations.

Interactive Producer

Nike - Aslan Avda

May 2013
Aslanlar Yalnız Avlanmaz

Galatasaray fans are known worldwide for their passion and for having the record of loudest- crowd support in the stadium. This digital campaign enabled fans to fuel the fighting spirit of the team. Original concept was developed by W+K Amsterdam. The lion, traditional symbol of the club, became the insight for the Aslan Avda (The Lions Are Hunting) campaign, designed to unite the 25 million Galatasaray fans through social media and print. The creative centerpiece is an original artwork by Luke Dixon.

More than 25.000 new Facebook members
More than 350.000 likes on Facebook Posts
57.000 likes on a single Facebook post
Digital Creative Director

Microsoft - Deney7

October 2009
Case Study

Deney7 (Experiment7) made for Microsoft 7 launch in Turkey. Two finalists of Deney7 Contest was alone in special cabinets that have cam recorders worked all the time for 7 days, and their life broadcasted on deney7.com

608.th Turkish website in its first week
At the end of project it was 262th most visited web site in Turkey
77 mission for seven days
It created 1.170.000 results in Google search More than 7.000 blog news
183.000 Forum posts
550.000 unique visitor in 15 days
2.000.000 pageviews
Follower on various medium 2.700.000
It has created 4.000.000 usd media coverage in 15 days
Copy Writer
Transmedia story / puzzle architect
Community Manager

Miller - Ritmi Koru

April 2009
Case Study

Ritmi Koru (Save The Rhythm) is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) created for Miller Brewing Company. It includes more than 100 puzzles, 75 videos, 10 flash games, 40 missions, a network for players, 12 different web sites, guerrilla and viral activities, flash mobs, silent raves, passwords hidden in to TV teletext channels, advertorial newspaper news, hidden puzzles or passwords in to the Turkish blogs, billboards, posters, and promo bags which were sent to newspaper columnists and players. The project expanded into web, off line, mobile and events. It was the largest marketing project ever created in Turkey.

250.000 players
Average 1.1 hours daily engagement
3.000 active player at the end of game
Its the biggest digital marketing campaign ever created in Turkey. (still so)
Copy Writer
Alternate Reality Game (ARG) Game designer
Transmedia story / puzzle architect
Puppet Master (Aka: Community Manager)

Ulker - Yaman Gezgin Kayboldu

April 2007
Case Study

Yaman Gezgin Kayboldu (“Yaman Gezgin has gone missing”) is a 3 months long ARG (Alternate Reality Game) project for Coco Star chocolate bar by The biggest FMCG company in Turkey. It is based on the story of Coco Star ads star going missing, and the quest to find him afterwards. The Transmedia story telling project consists of 10 sites, 5 games, an MSN bot, IVR line, search groups looking for Yaman Gezgin, photos, viral videos, promo boxes delivered to newspaper columnists and bloggers, clues in Coco Star chocolate bar packages, characters with Facebook profiles and other online personification trails like publications in online shopping sites. Yaman Gezgin was the first ever transmedia storytelling project used as a marketing campaign realized in Turkey.

There were over 124.000 members
4.000.000 hits received
More than 10.000 blog comments
Copy Writer
Alternate Reality Game (ARG) Game designer
Transmedia story / puzzle architect
Puppet Master (Aka: Community Manager)



Icerik Isleri

2013 - Today

Interactive producer for the last 5 years. Manage teams or individuals from all over the world, such as France, India, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.
These past five years, alongside ongoing projects, produced 4 start up projects in local and global aspects.
Consulted and voluntarily mentoring several women start ups for digital marketing and technical solutions atBizbizze

Interactive Producer
Full Stack Developer { Python - Django }
Digital Marketing Expert

Grey World Wide Istanbul

December 2011-June 2013
Grey Istanbul

This specific position required not only leading cross functional teams but also having an active role in developing the creative idea and managing operations. Management of the social media team for clients such as Nike, Ikea and Canon.

Digital Creative Director
Social Media Team Lead


December 2009-December 2011

As the director of the agency, responsible of all operations such as, leading the team, having an active role in project management, quality and technical aspects of interactive projects. Team building, client relations and budgeting.

Executive Creative Director

41?-29! Digital Marketing Agency

August 2007 - April 2009

Designed the three wide scaled Turkish interactive marketing campaigns at 41?-29!
Besides copywriting, worked as a game designer, puzzle architect and Transmedia storyteller.

Copy Writer
Game Designer
Transmedia Story Architect